AlaMag Micromagnetics Simulator

Screen shot of AlaMag -- square element with C state
This is a freely distributable (under the Gnu General Public License) micromagnetics simulator. Features include:

Download AlaMag 1.9 installer

After installation, a window should open to directory ...AlaMag\SampleScripts\.  Double-clicking on any of these scripts should cause it to be opened and run by AlaMag.  Check the file readme.user.txt (also in the installation directory) if you have problems or questions. There are some extra script files that work with the installer version. Note however that the installer dates from 2009 -- see "Newer version" link below.


If the volume isn't too high, questions (including requests for source code) can be addressed to


Newest version, (3/30/2012) as zip file Newer versions than installer (improved) July 12 version
Older versions Distribution files (in case you don't have administrator privileges to download a zip file or use the installer, or the installer doesn't work)

This code has been developed at the University of Alabama over a period of years by P. B. Visscher, Xuebing Feng, Y. Gunal, M. Benakli, D. M. Apalkov, Arko Misra, and Shuxia Wang. Installation configured by Josh Tyner.